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Vastu Direction

Vastuwise, north-east is the most > area of a property, being the confluence of solar energy (moving from East to West) and the Geomagnetic energy (moving from North to South), making it divine by the merging of the godly or heavenly energies, percolating from the top of planet earth. It is the confluence of Ganga (Purity), Yamuna (Blessing) & Saraswati (Third Eye & Intellectual Wealth).

For a manufacturing unit it represents quality product.
The pranic flow of vaastu energy is from north-east to south-west forming a delicate axis passing through Brahmsthan. On this axis all the body energy charkas are located. Anyone who dares to penetrate or harm this axis by inauspicious structures (such as column) is sure to face dire consequences. While north-east promotes learning, good luck, optimism, and godly blessings; on the physical plane, it represents pancreas, crown chakra and third eye.

On the north-eastern flank of a property (home, factory, office, farm house, etc.), presence of a toilet is unfortunate and in most cases catastrophic, second inauspicious being kitchen causing wealth depletion and health problems, third being the staircase block causing hurdles in family well-being, growth and progress. The harm brought by these negatives might take a maximum period of 9 years before it falls on the occupants.

Of course, certain remedies can either weaken or counter-balance the negative effect or delay the impact of the impending results. Placement of water filled "mangal kalash" is quite effective in north-east or east as the case may be. An underground water tank in the north of northeast is auspicious too.

What can help is spiritual clearing the vaastu aura by reciting the mantra related to cosmic deities of northeast Jupiter and Ketu - and the mantras are "Aum Brum Brihspatye Namah"; and "Aum Kem Ketve Namah". Among the passive remedies, it is better to install energized "meru chakra" yantra (a three-dimensional Shri Yantra) for most effective results.