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Site Planning

The place must be cleaned of any vastu dosha and levels achieved as per vastu. The layout plan be finalised by the owner in association with the family members and in consultation with a qualified architect and a vastu specialist. Prior to going into construction, the offerings are made i.e. bhumi poojan performed, and a water source is established on the site.

Water is to be given highest importance in protecting the soul, mind and body of vastu purush. Water is not the same everywhere, unpolluted water that cleanses the body is called water in a true way, while that purifies the mind is called "tirtha".

So, an underground water tank or a bore-well can be constructed without crossing the energy lines of the plot which runs from northeast to southwest.

Broadly speaking, the following must be kept in mind for a water source or body to be construction on the site as defined by Mayamata, an authority on ancient vaastu.
1.East side well should be in the first half of the plot towards north.
2.North side well should be in the first half towards the east.
3.Well should never be placed in the west or south or south west or centre of the plat, i.e. Brahmasthana
4.It is not good to place the well in the north west or south east,
5.A well opposite to the gate or main gate is not recommendable.

Water tank must be in proportion to the site dimension. However, the east-west flank of the tank should be larger than the south-north flank, preferably by 2:3.

Fencing Walls Gate
All the four sides of the building should have a fencing wall. Gates have to be provided at specified places as below:
North Wall: 4th part of nine parts from west.
West Wall : 4th part of nine parts from south.
South Wall: 4th part of nine parts from east.
East Wall: 4th part of nine parts from north.
South and West walls should be higher and thicker than the north and east walls. North and East walls can be low and thin.

Main Door of the Building : Mahadwara
Main door has to be the most attractive, sold and massive than others in the building, besides others as defined by Manasara, another authority on ancient vastu. Two leaf main doors are defined better with right leaf to be wider than the left leaf.

Brihat Samhita, basically a Jyotish shastra, defines the above as exalted zone, for installing the main door of the building, calculated after division of the plot side in nine equal parts.
1.On the Eastern direction, second, third and fourth sections counted from north of the eastern side.
2.On the Southern direction, fourth section counted from east of the southern side.
3.On the Western direction, fourth & fifth sections counted from south of the Western side.
4.On the Northern direction, third, fourth and fifth sections counted from west of the northern side.