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Vastu is based on certain principles of balancing the various elements and energy flow including those emanated by various planets. Ignoring these as superstitious causes distress when this is followed by delays in completion which are termed as differences with architect or contractor, paucity of funds, labour shortage and so on. It becomes a nightmare to see your long cherished home.

Allocation of small area for important rooms like Devalaya - prayer and meditation room, lack of respect for bhumi puja (ground breaking) and/or shilanyas (foundation laying) at a chosen muhurtha (auspicious moment) may also hinder the progress of work ultimately. "Violation of zoning plan and other rules are similarly flouted, owner being ready to pay the penalty. The beginning itself is inauspicious.

Complete delegation to some agencies result in doshas (malfeasance) such as unpaid labour crying for wages and piling filth at site as well as indiscriminate use of unwanted material like malba fill in place of fresh soil fill requirement. Visiting the site at crucial juncture of construction like roof casting is auspicious. Donations and distribution ofprasad (sweets) should be a regular feature at the site to ward off malfeasance occurring during construction due to known or unknown reasons.

Most importantly, the prayer room's size should be in direct proportion to the entire abode indicative of its due importance in the life of the owner. It should be large enough at least to hold the congregation of the entire occupant family members, and still better, if the non-resident immediate family members can also join the congregation during festivities. Devalaya (prayer room) marble flooring should be done in the presence of a member of the family.

If the progress of your construction work is tardy seemingly due to related or unrelated reasons, a Vastu consultant can identify the ailment, the reasons and the remedies required. At least now, taking some corrective measures, you can ensure grih pravesh(house-warming) at a chosen muhurtha. Of course, do take the opportunity of sharing your joy of moving to your own home with all those who care for you. This will go a long way in ensuring a home giving harmony and prosperity.